Lighting Design

Whether it’s adding warmth to a room or charm to a kitchen, it takes experience and creativity to light up a space.  If you’re looking for a basic lighting layout or something more elaborate, we can design a scheme to fit your budget. 

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What we do..

Full design package
We  can put together a lighting package which would be a fixed rate for a project.  Information will be issued over each phase of a project.  This starts at an initial design meeting to focusing the final light.

​•Lighting design solutions using Relux or Dialux software.
•Visualisations or skectches.
•Provide full lighting layouts on AutoCad.
•Detailed specification of luminaires and advice on budget.
•Help to ‘wow’ the customer through presentations.
•Great at finding the impossible luminaire. 
•Excellent knowledge of decorative lighting.
•Co-ordinate the control system working with local experts. 
•Focus and commission on site for final detail.

We are very aware that commercial projects are ran very differently to domestic.  So we are very flexible on how we are employed.  Whether we are employed by the Architect on a fee only basis or the developer on Design and Supply we can work out the best way to suit the project.

Bespoke Service

If you would rather us work on an hourly rate we can just give you an estimate of our time.  This gives great flexibility.

Also, if you would like us to supply we can credit is part of the design fee.  See supply section for more details.