So you know you need some lighting so you can see.  But how far do you go?  As you have arrived at this site, you are obviously looking for more than just a grid of lights on your project.  But did you know how much lighting can make a difference?  For some advise and inspiration have a look below.  Keep an eye on our blogs to keep upto date.

browse or advise pages for inspiration on your project.

Stair Lighting

Stair Lighting.  How to light stairs.  Step lights.  Low level lighting

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External Lighting

External lighting.  Outdoor lighting. Facade lighting.  Landscape lights.

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Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting.  Concealed lighting.  Linear LED lights.  How to create lighting coves.

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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting.  How to light a kitchen.  Pelmet lights.  Ceiling lighting coves.  Kitchen lights.

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Starry Sky

Starry Ceiling.  Fibre Optic lights.  How to create a starry ceiling.

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Colour Change


Advise coming...

Colour Temperature


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Art Work Lighting

Art Work Lighting, Colour Rendering, CRI.

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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting, Toilet Lights.  WC Lighting, Bathroom Zones.

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Home Automation

Home automation, Lighting Controls, Scene setting, Casambi, Mode

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